Eclipse always stops at 27% – “Launching delegate”.

This week when I reinstalled both Eclipse and Android SDK on a new computer, I encountered a problem with re-runing the android application. The emulator was starting just fine for the first time, but every time after doing some changes in the project and runing it again, the progress bar was stopping on 27% and showing: “Launching: Launching delegate…” message. It remains in this state for a long time and Eclipse becomes unresponsive.

My first thought was that the computer on which Eclipse was installed is too low in performance to run the Android emulator.

Actually, it appears that this is an issue: #21073.

However, there’s an easy workaround to avoid it if the AVD emulator is launched from the AVD Manager within Eclipse. The issue happens when launching the first emulator from the Run button in Eclipse.

To avoid:

  1. Start Eclipse
  2. Window -> AVD Manager
  3. Start an emulator
  4. Run the project