Amazing Cracked Screen

Hello everyone,

In this weekend I made a simple application just for fun – Amazing  Cracked Screen, the main purpose being to trick your friends and make fun of them! Basically, what does the application is to simulate a broken phone screen.
The application includes 6 different broken screens, and provides the ability to set up a delay time when the app should start, so you can manage to give the phone to your friend.

Just start the application, select the desired broken screen and have fun!


Amazing Cracked Screen


4 thoughts on “Amazing Cracked Screen

  1. I can provide You with polish translation of your app description in play if you wish. It will surely look better than the one made by google translator:)

    Ihave also noticed that the broken screen graphic is not fit full screen after the ads appears.

    But all in all – nice idea 🙂

    1. Hi Jacek,
      thank you very much for your valuable feedback. Indeed, the images does not fit full screen when the ad appears, thank you for spotting this. I’ll fix it in make an update in the upcoming period.

      Regarding the translation to polish, I will appreciate it very much if you could translate it, and bring it a meaning, in contrast to what google translate may do. 🙂
      Thank you in advance.

      1. Here is polish App name and description:

        App name: Pęknięty ekran

        Prosta aplikacja, symulująca pęknięcie ekranu telefonu. Dzięki zabawnej aplikacji możesz nabrać swoich znajomych, którzy bawią się Twoim telefonem – daj im telefon i włącz aplikację i obserwuj ich reakcję!

        Aplikacja zawiera 6 różnych pęknięć. Wystarczy ją uruchomić, a Twój ekran się zmieni. Możesz też wybrać inne pęknięcia i cieszyć się z rezultatów!

    2. Hi Jack,
      Thank you very much for the quality translation you provided. I already updated the polish app description. Hope now it will be clear at least for polish users, what this app does! 🙂

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