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This page contains all the tutorials the Android Research Blog publishes. Feel free to browse, share the content, and criticize where necessary!

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34 thoughts on “Android Tutorials

      1. I know how to develop android apps. I already have developed apps.
        I am new to blogging…i need your guidelines in this regard.

    1. OK,
      Blogging is about writing things you are passionate about, and desire to share with others (or at least it should be like this).

      Write posts that reflects your own experience, for example you said you developed apps already, write about them, write about techniques you used to develop them, write about some tips and tricks you maybe learned from developing these apps.

      Post frequently, say 3, 4 times in week, and start promoting your blog meanwhile: submit it to web directories, social networking sites, do link exchange, comment and follow other guys who write about the same topic you are passionate about.

      And one of the most important – be patient. A great blog needs time in order to gain some popularity.

      Hope this helps you getting started! Good Luck! 😉

  1. Sweet stuff!

    I downloaded the Android App Creator a while ago, but, unfortunately, it says that it won’t work with my Aria. 😦

    I guess I’m not quite cool enough to build an app for my phone…

  2. Hi, mate. I love this page. May I ask you few question? How to make a horizontal bar after the Title? What is the HTML code? Thanks 😀

  3. I will certainly begin reading these when I have time. Without a doubt this is the direction Java is taking.

  4. nyc post Andy!!..
    actually thr is a problem with dis tutorial to me, i.e. whenevr am clikng on the show pop-up button, it’s showing an err ,says
    can u pls tell me is thr any need to update something in menifest.xml file also. or what else can be it’s reason..
    kindly respond quickly..

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